Born 1985, Italy. Currently based in England.

Independent documentary photographer oriented toward the investigation of social contemporary topics, focusing mainly on development issues such as energy access, rural community development and humanitarian emergencies.

He approached photography at the age of 19 while completing a degree in Economics at ‘Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore’ in Milan. His instinctive curiosity led him to gradually deepen his interest in photography and photojournalism became part of his life as a way of depicting stories and portraying reality. With an attitude of constant learning and research, in 2010 he took a Diploma in Photojournalism at ‘Contrasto Photo-Agency’ in Milan. After, he received the MS in Energy Development from the ‘University of Dundee’ in Scotland.

He currently works as Energy Access Community Engagement Specialist for Practical Action, a renowned international non-governmental organization (NGO). Documentary photography is a key element of his role, developing powerful photo reportages as innovative and complementary ethnographic research methods to contextualize qualitative studies, provide background knowledge and ultimately enrich the quality of findings of technical research.

As a result, Edoardo had extensively travelled and photographed across Africa and Southeast Asia working on specific assignments and on personal projects.