Edoardo Santangelo is a humanitarian documentary photographer and videographer oriented towards the investigation of social contemporary issues, with a focus on international development and humanitarian emergencies.

Using his background in Economics and his master in Energy and International Development, he focuses on researching and documenting the lived experiences of rural settlements and displaced communities, and on demonstrating the impact of development programmes from the field. With a strong passion for human interest stories and a diploma in Documentary Photography, Edoardo has long-term experience producing compelling photoreportages for international non-governmental organizations (NGO), UN and International agencies in a range of fragile and vulnerable settings.

Edoardo is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian and has extensive experience in Asia (Nepal, India and Bangladesh), West Africa (Togo and Burkina Faso) and East Africa (Kenya and Rwanda). His photos have been published in various editions of the Poor People Energy Outlook and used in numerous humanitarian publications, workshops and conferences worldwide.

His photographic work is driven by the need of raising awareness of urgent humanitarian issues and building the case for action, engendering empathy and recognition. He is devoted to produce persuasive images that convey stories from the bottom-up and give voice to those who otherwise would not have it, allowing a better understanding of the human condition in vulnerable contexts.

Edoardo has solid expertise in the international development sector. He has long-term experience with GIZ in India, and has worked as a humanitarian energy specialist for Practical Action - a British international non-governmental organization (NGO) - where he embedded documentary photography as an innovative and complementary ethnographic research method to amplify community voices, develop evocative impact case studies and depict the evidence base for intervention. Before dedicating himself entirely to photography, Edoardo worked for General Electric in Scotland for almost five years.

Photojournalist, Travel photographer, Photographer for NGO, National geographic photographer, Documentary photographer in UK

Photographer for NGO, National geographic photographer, Documentary photographer in UK, Photojournalist, Travel photographer

"Photographer for NGO", "National geographic photographer", "Documentary photographer in UK", "Photojournalist", "Travel photographer" "Photographer for NGO", "National geographic photographer", "Documentary photographer in UK", "Photojournalist", "Travel photographer"

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Edoardo exhibited his latest photoreportage and video material (produced for the HEED project) at Chatham House - the Royal Institute of International Affairs - in London in October 2019.